Good afternoon Peter

Writing from Arrowtown getting over a 3 Day Head Cold !

So where's the BITUMEN needed to Built this Huge BIG International Airport going to come from? Because the Petroleum Products now being Imported into New Zealand since our High Quality Marsden Point Oil Refinery was Shut Down April Fool's day 2022 & then Destroyed as Quickly as they Could! Without absolutely No Intervention from any of the Opposition MP's who are Now the Leaders of Our Great Nation for the next 3 or so Years! The IMPORTING of New Zealand's Petroleum Products are Now COSTING This Country a stagering $8 Billion adding to our Overseas Deficit! But what happens if those FUEL Tanker Ships Don't Turnup at Bluff or Otago Port's then what's going to get the Planes Roaring out of Tarris or Peter will you be Looking back Enjoying the Quiet of the Past ???

On another Subject at the Other end of New Zealand at Marsden Point Whangarei we The People of New Zealand have had a Win !!!

As my Campaign to BUY BACK CONTROL of MARSDEN POINT OIL REFINERY before Christmas had got the General Public Shareholder's up to 45.5% & my Campaign Target 🎯 was to get Over 51% !

Well just recently I received the Latest Updates from Simply Wall Street which shows that the General Public Shareholder's are now Over 52.7% We have Control Now so We will be FORCING The GOVERNMENT too REINSTATE MARSDEN POINT OIL REFINERY & get it Operational Once Again ASAP !

Cheers & GOD Bless

Karl Barkley

Engineer Farmer

Shareholder in CHANNEL INFRASTRUCTURE formally NZ Refining Company

027 5940090

Email csi@hotmail.co.nz

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From your opening paragraph I might take you as a NIMBY, but...

Study the history of the Liberal government of Canada's Mirabel (white elephant) Airport. Same story of expropriation of good farmland and displacement of farmers.

There have been stories of oligarchs buying estates in New Zealand as boltholes- they might need a good airport for their Gulfstreams and Global Expresses (which were, incidentally designed and built at Mirabel.)

Another consideration is the war on agriculture taking place globally- Sri Lanka was the first prominent victim, the Dutch and German farmers are resisting, and locally the Regional District has a plan to remove dikes and flood 100 hectares of cropland to "restore nature." I recommend The Epoch Times documentary "No Farmers, No Food" to inform the non-awake citizens.

Keep up the good work and reports, thanks.

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We’re supposed to have a climate crisis with people’s travel to be restricted. Why build an international airport?

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