Great writing Peter Williams.

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So I'm born here, so were my parents. I have my own culture and identity (kiwi for want of a better word), my own traditions that have been built up over centuries. I am indigenous by most meanings of the word. You speak of Africa, but there is new scientific opinions coming out even about that now.

The biggest problem Maori will be in the future, when somewhere, somehow, definitive proof will come out that there were others before them, and then what? They become that colonizer, the oppressor, the bad guy. Or at least no longer the victim that so many of their Kaumatua would have them be. How awful it will be to finally be equal.

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To put it simply, Winston is right.

Maori / Polynesian settlers arrived here in dribs and drabs, by boat.

Later, European settlers arrived here in dribs and drabs, by boat.

We are all boat people here.

We all came here for a better life !!

The Maori settlers brought with them the Polynesian rat and the Kumara plant, which is indigenous to South America. When they arrived, they encountered many truly indigenous inhabitants, such as the Moa, the Kiwi, the Haast Eagle, the Tuatara etc.

The Maori / Polynesian people are actually descendants of a wandering tribe which is indigenous to Taiwan. DNA testing has shown this.

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Because he is just splitting hairs and it is just his opinion. If he claimed we are all indigenous to Africa would you believe him, but technically it is true. I think Maori are indigenous to NZ because they have their own culture and traditions. But I might still vote for him, cos he gets the basics right.

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